From Burnout to Thriving: Design Your Path to Healing


Welcome Sarah Waylett to the TalkRx podcast! 

Sarah is an ex-corporate powerhouse, turned burnout expert—and her unique mindfulness methods are helping her and her clients recover and THRIVE after experiencing burnout! She founded Dreamgarten last year in an effort to help companies and individuals recover from burnout and realign their lifestyle to fulfill their highest goals. 

In this live-recorded episode, Sarah and Doctor Neha share a vulnerable conversation around their own experiences with burnout. You’ll have the opportunity to determine where you fall on the scale from burnout to optimal wellness—and learn how to start healing! 

Let’s get into it… WHY are you feeling drained? 

Contrary to how it might feel, the experience of burnout doesn’t happen overnight. So, how might  you have gotten here? 

What systems or habits in your life led you to feeling burnt out? 

How do you know something needs to change?

Can you pinpoint where you’re experiencing a net gain or drain of energy in your life?

Just as important as getting immediate relief from the physical and emotional symptoms of burnout, is you discovering the underlying reason WHY you are feeling this way. This is how you pick up the clues early so you can change course as soon as possible! 

Burnout happens when you’re experiencing a net drain of energy in one (or more!) areas in your life:

  • Physical energy
  • Mental energy
  • Emotional energy
  • Social energy
  • Spiritual energy

Whether you’re in a toxic culture plagued with poor communication, have a habit of not drawing clear boundaries around your time & resources or feel disconnected from the meaning of your work—you may be a prime candidate for burnout.

So how do we change the way we live to prevent burnout? Recovering from burnout begins when you’re able to recognize which areas your energies are being “drained”—and then heal the source of your energy drain from there. 

A powerful way Sarah utilizes to help herself and her clients uncover (& redirect) underlying core beliefs is through design thinking. For example, realizing she believed that her productivity during the workday is what made her a valuable or “worthy” person—Sarah was able to uproot that belief and reprogram her mind to HEAL from her constant pursuit of perfection. 

She walked us through a “design thinking exercise” to show us how she helps her clients generate a multitude of creative solutions in less than 5 minutes. It starts with the simple question:


How might we… incorporate more mindfulness into our workday?

Let’s break it down:

  • The “HOW” references coming up with creative solutions to the dilemma you’re facing. 
  • The “MIGHT” gives you permission to explore the many possibilities. “Might” is a loose term on purpose! Remind yourself that all your solutions in this exercise don’t have to be the “right one”—but let your mind run free with possibilities of what “might” be. 
  • The “WE” opens your perspective to include your community and the resources available to you (meaning you, your community and your collective resources). How does your support system work into the solution?

Mindfulness brings you into the present moment—and this is the best place to start. Living in this present moment is where you can make changes and HEAL your toxic belief patterns that drive burnout. 

Listen in to learn a few practical strategies that will help you uncover your core draining beliefs and recover the energy you’ve lost. Then, you’ll be able to direct your energy toward building the life you dream of!




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