Manage Yourself in the Face of Anger

As you prepare to travel for the holidays, are you packing your invisible armour to wear during family drama? Do others’ strong emotions, such as anger—even if not directed toward you—make your insides churn? As soon as someone raises their voice, do you panic and locate the nearest exit?

As joyful as it is to be with those you love, family time often comes with the need to navigate emotionally charged situations. Confrontation or escape may seem like your only options. But this year, you can do it differently. Watch Galit, a brave soul, as she unravels the mystery of why she shuts down and learns to reconstruct her response in the face of anger. You can too!

Can you relate to Galit’s hesitation to be around friends or family who express anger or frustration?
Do you recognize what happens in your body when you are around someone else’s strong emotion?

It’s easy to check out, shut down, or leave emotionally charged conversations. It’s natural to want to protect yourself. If you’re willing to see yourself and the other person from a different perspective, you have the power to change long-standing patterns.

The TalkRx community is a great place to share your thoughts and get support. I’m looking forward to hearing how you did it differently this year!!

To learning to dance with anger,

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