Manage Yourself in the Face of Anger

As you prepare to travel for the holidays, are you packing your invisible armour to wear during family drama? Do others’ strong emotions, such as anger—even if not directed toward you—make your insides churn? As soon as someone raises their voice, do you panic and locate the nearest exit? As joyful as it is to […]

The Two Step Decision Making Tool

Do You Have Decision-Fatigue? You know, when you waffle over making decisions that should be simpler than they feel. You make dozens of decisions every day ranging from simple ones (what to wear in the morning or what to eat) to more complex ones (whether you’ve outgrown a relationship or a job description). Sure, there […]

Are You On Empty or Self-Full?

Are You on Empty or Self-Full?

How many times have you tuned out the safety instructions blaring over the loudspeaker on an airplane? I bet you could recite them verbatim. The flight attendant calls for everyone’s attention. You know the drill … let’s fast forward to this part: “In the unlikely event that the cabin pressure should drop, oxygen masks will […]

The Secret To Getting What You Want

Everyone feels misunderstood at times—even those on the world stage.  I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend and change-maker who is courageous enough to share her journey. This twenty-five-year-old is working to reduce violence and gender discrimination while empowering women in Pakistan.  Her parents are proud but they are concerned about her safety. […]

Have You Ever Been Flaked On?

…you know, when you make plans with someone and they’re a no-show. Are you the one who takes commitment seriously and often find yourself disappointed and hurt when others cancel at the last minute? OR Do you make commitments with others and reserve the right to CHANGE YOUR MIND depending on how you feel in […]

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