Have You Ever Been Flaked On?

…you know, when you make plans with someone and they’re a no-show.

Are you the one who takes commitment seriously and often find yourself disappointed and hurt when others cancel at the last minute?


Do you make commitments with others and reserve the right to CHANGE YOUR MIND depending on how you feel in the moment?

Depending on who you’re dealing with, chances are, at some point, you have been either the FLAKE or the FLAKEE! Regardless, flaking causes HUGE STRESS in relationships and over time takes a toll on your health.

Watch Rachel bravely address the root cause of her indecisiveness LIVE and you’ll get five practical take-aways to overcoming the FLAKE-FACTOR in your life!

  1. Are you the flake in relationships or do you most often get flaked on?
  2. How do you handle flakiness?
  3. How has difficulty making clear agreements impacted your relationships?

The TalkRx Community thrives on your comments and it’s a great place to get support.

To more clarity and less stress,

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