Election Season: A Journey Beyond Divides

Election seasons often feel like a long, tiring journey into the heart of our societal, ideological, and personal beliefs. It’s a time when passions flare, debates heat up, and sometimes, the division seems overwhelming. But have you ever wondered what lies beneath this surface tension? Why do we invest so much energy and emotion into […]

Reimagining Beauty & Choosing Authenticity in 2022

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 FILE  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD   Neha Sangwan: Hi everybody, and welcome! Today I have a special guest, Jess Condy. She is a friend I met five years ago in Bali. Some of the fun ways she expresses herself in the world is as a coach, as a yacht chef, and as […]

Transform from a Boundary Disaster to a Boundary Master!!

Transform from a Boundary Disaster to a Boundary Master

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Hi and welcome everybody. Today I have a special guest, Terri Cole. Her new book Boundary Boss was released yesterday—so it’s hot off the press! She’s a dear colleague of mine. I am deep into Boundary Boss and loving it! Welcome, Terri~ Terri: Thank you my […]

Manage Yourself in the Face of Anger

As you prepare to travel for the holidays, are you packing your invisible armour to wear during family drama? Do others’ strong emotions, such as anger—even if not directed toward you—make your insides churn? As soon as someone raises their voice, do you panic and locate the nearest exit? As joyful as it is to […]

Choose Your Method Wisely

GET THE MP3 FOR THIS EPISODE |  LISTEN ON iTUNES This week we’re going to work on something called Choosing Your Communication Method Wisely. The reason I chose this is because so many people have asked me questions like, “Did I do this wrong? Did I communicate with somebody in the wrong way? Is that what caused […]

Chai = Love

Chai (tea) was a staple growing up in our Indian household.  We had chai when a neighbor stopped by to say hi.  When I needed a break from studying or work, the answer was chai.  Experiencing a three o’clock energy dip? …must be time for chai.  After dinner… you got it – chai-time.  I don’t […]

The Key to Feeling Heard—Every Time!

The Key to Feeling Heard–Every Time!

Who’s the best listener in your life? You know, that person who just gets you. Don’t you wish you could clone him or her? Yet other times, you might feel like a broken record, repeating the same message over and over—to people who seem tuned out. And no matter how important your topic or how […]

The Secret To Defeating Defensiveness

Do you know someone who enters conversations with their dukes up? Maybe it’s a colleague or boss at work. Or maybe it’s someone around the dinner table or at family gatherings.  You know, the person you wish would just relax, take a chill pill, and stop arguing and interrupting. You’ve probably done everything humanly possible […]

Are You On Empty or Self-Full?

Are You on Empty or Self-Full?

How many times have you tuned out the safety instructions blaring over the loudspeaker on an airplane? I bet you could recite them verbatim. The flight attendant calls for everyone’s attention. You know the drill … let’s fast forward to this part: “In the unlikely event that the cabin pressure should drop, oxygen masks will […]

Is LOVE Taking You For a Ride?

With V-Day upon us, it’s the perfect time to take inventory of the many kinds of love in our lives. Whether you’re a parent or a partner, a sibling or a soul sister—whatever the relationship, there’s always a give and take. While sometimes unspoken, each person brings their own hopes and dreams to the relationship […]

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