Humor: How It Can Divide or Bring Us Together

Have you ever paid close attention to the role humor plays in your life? Consider the role it plays in your relationships.


In my life, I had a lot of heaviness early on and it kind of made me a pretty serious child. I wasn’t as playful as my peers. I coped with it all by getting really academic and really athletic. 


Do yourself a favor and stop to think for a moment; who and what environments give you permission to play? In my case, I realized that’s when I’m around kids. I have a niece and nephew, and I always notice that when I’m with them I slip right into kid mode and start playing.


However, different life experiences have continued to show me that, even though humor has the amazing ability to connect people, it also has the ability to divide us and not serve us well. 


Start by asking yourself:

  • How do I use humor?
  • What role does humor play in my life?
  • What type of humor do I use?
  • Who shares my sense of humor?

Once you’ve run through those questions, go deeper by considering the following: 

  • Are you the type of person that just takes everyday life experiences and can see the humor of what it is to be a human on earth? 
  • Are you someone that uses humor to deflect discomfort or vulnerability?
  • Are you someone that uses humor during heavy situations to lighten the mood?

There are all sorts of ways to use humor to connect with other people. You just want to make sure it is used in a way that really serves you. 


So, what are the ways you use humor in your life? Think about it and let me know below. Feel free to add a joke or two.


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