The Unseen Influence: How Your Past Shapes Your Leadership Today

In the world of leadership and corporate dynamics, there’s often more than meets the eye. Today, we’re embarking on a journey of discovery that unravels the intricate connections between corporate conflict resolution and the uniqueness of your leadership style. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking exploration. Conflict: The Emotional Rollercoaster Picture this: You’re seated in a […]

Handling Disappointment: Exploring the Delicate Dance

In our fast-paced society, we reflexively numb our pain—and on top of that, we collectively avoid acknowledging our vulnerabilities.    The art of revealing, feeling, and healing our pain would be messy and time-consuming. And even if we do slow down, most of us would rather avoid the discomfort that comes with disappointment. What about […]

Self Talk: How Our Life Experiences Impact Our Intrapersonal Communication

Have you ever paid close attention to the way you talk to yourself? Maybe you’re someone that speaks to yourself out loud or maybe someone who talks to yourself internally. Either way, it’s great to have intrapersonal communication because it can bring us a wealth of insight.    Insight from Dr. Richard “Dick” C. Schwartz […]

Humor: How It Can Divide or Bring Us Together

Have you ever paid close attention to the role humor plays in your life? Consider the role it plays in your relationships.   In my life, I had a lot of heaviness early on and it kind of made me a pretty serious child. I wasn’t as playful as my peers. I coped with it […]

How Healthy Boundaries Re-Engage People and Re-Humanize Us

DOWNLOAD MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD  Welcome, Dr. Rosie Ward to the TalkRx Podcast! Rosie’s sweet spot is in organizational culture transformation. We do similar work in the world—transforming toxic cultures into healing organizations.  After experiencing a toxic culture that drained her passion, purpose and wellbeing—Rosie was empowered to build workplace cultures that support people […]

Empowerment: What it means to actually support your people

 DOWNLOAD MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD  Please welcome today’s special guest, Niko Drakoulis! He’s been in executive leadership for more than two decades and founded a digital platform for transforming organizational culture called, SurePeople. We’ve partnered together on the Conscious Business Leadership Academy, and have discovered great synergy in our work. This conversation highlights […]

Let’s talk Weight Loss: Self-Talk & Making Mindful Goals in the New Year

DOWNLOAD THE MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Join me and special guest, world-traveling chef and coach, Jessica “Jess” Condy as we talk about setting goals, why we’re driven to set them, and how we can be kind with ourselves while pursuing change.   Doctor Neha Sangwan: Today’s topic is going to be around navigating change […]

Reimagining Beauty & Choosing Authenticity in 2022

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 FILE  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD   Neha Sangwan: Hi everybody, and welcome! Today I have a special guest, Jess Condy. She is a friend I met five years ago in Bali. Some of the fun ways she expresses herself in the world is as a coach, as a yacht chef, and as […]

Transform from a Boundary Disaster to a Boundary Master!!

Transform from a Boundary Disaster to a Boundary Master

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Hi and welcome everybody. Today I have a special guest, Terri Cole. Her new book Boundary Boss was released yesterday—so it’s hot off the press! She’s a dear colleague of mine. I am deep into Boundary Boss and loving it! Welcome, Terri~ Terri: Thank you my […]

Making Sense of the World Within & Around You

Making Sense of the World Within & Around You

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Welcome. Today we have a special guest, Raj Sisodia. He’s the founder of the worldwide movement called Conscious Capitalism. He’s written 11 books—the most recent one is called the Healing Organization. Not too long ago, he was asking me to define alignment and explain different aspects […]

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