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Hi, I’m Dr. Neha and thanks for reading my blog. Through my own experience and struggles in our current medical system as a physician, a patient and a patient advocate, I’ve developed an innovative and practical method to help you take ownership of your health and well-being called the i-Five Experience.  What is the i-Five Experience you ask?  It’s an interactive, practical approach combining science and research with practical tools to change what’s not working in your life.

I call it the i-Five Experience because it connects the dots between Five distinct aspects of health:

  1. what you observe in your BODY is connected to…
  2. what you THINK, which determines…
  3. how you FEEL, and…
  4. what you WANT, which impacts…
  5. what you DO!

Often people only focus on one area and then wonder why they don’t see lasting results.  Together, we’ll explore each of these areas and how to easy it is to connect the dots between them and navigate your own self-care while dramatically improving your ability to connect to others.

Welcome—I’m excited to be on this journey with you,

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