The Prescription to Make Your Dreams Come True


When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? At various points, I remember wanting to be a ballerina, a tennis player and eventually a doctor. The most memorable answer I’ve heard was from a 5-year-old girl who boldly declared she was going to be a teacher, a scientist or a butterfly. She hadn’t quite decided yet. When you let your imagination run wild, what do you dream of?

Today, I’m proud to share with you one of my dreams-come-true—and how the lessons I’ve learned can help you! Watch this video to be the first ones who get to see it and an opportunity for a special gift at the end.

You can make it happen. The world needs you and the contributions only you can make. It begins by believing in the importance of your dreams, surrounding yourself with people who have the skills you don’t and creating a deadline to make it happen!

Your Awareness Prescription

  1. What is your dream and why is it important?
  2. What’s holding you back (money, time, talent, failure, etc.)?
  3. What support do you need to create a rock solid team around you?
  4. Who can you share this dream with who already believes in you?
  5. How can collaboration turn your dream into reality?

Thank you for your support as I have made this journey to make my dreams come true. You can buy your copy of Talk Rx here, then receive your free copy of the TalkRx Journal here.

Celebrating your unique contribution to the world,

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2 Responses

  1. Your story resonates with me. I am a PhD Biochemist who was part of a reduction in force in January. I always knew that I wanted to start a Health and Wellness internet community encompassing not only nutrition and exercise – but, the emotional component as well. And, thankfully, I was given the chance!
    I am now embarking on that and I feel that it is my true passion. Like you, I want to write a book about the different aspects of health and wellness and have found that support from people who have done this is critical (and, getting ‘my list’ in order).
    If the book is as interesting as the presentation you just gave – I am in!

  2. Yes to the support team! Who is it that can help you have faith in yourself, cheer you on and totally believe in you – I managed to find coaches who would do that for me! I am so blessed 🙂

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