March and April show us the first signs of spring.  The daffodils begin to peek out from the soil.  Buds magically appear on the trees.  And the world begins to notice new signs of life.  Perhaps now is a good time to take a cue from nature and get curious about new ways you want to emerge in the world.

One way I’m emerging is that I’m transitioning from being a doctor and leadership consultant into blogging and becoming an author.  Learning to structure and create meaningful work in the form of written word is a new medium for me.  I’ve begun to change the self-talk in my head from  “I can’t write.  I’m not a writer.” to “Each day, I develop more and more ease with writing.  This is another way I can connect with others and share my heart in the world.  I am a gifted author.”

What would showing up in a new way look like for you?   Perhaps, you’ve been dreaming of something that you haven’t taken the risk to say out loud.  Perhaps you’ve been more concerned about fitting in with others than belonging to your own heart.  Maybe you find yourself in a job or a relationship whose expiration date has come and gone.  Sometimes we make these decisions for a fear of not belonging.  Belonging is our innate human desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

One of my favorite researchers and authors, Brene Brown, distinguishes between fitting-in and belonging by saying,  “Fitting-in is about assessing a situation and figuring out what you need to do to be accepted.  While belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are, it requires us to BE who we are.”

As you experience spring and listen deeply to the whispers of your own heart, what comes to you? What wants to emerge in you?  Turn up the volume and listen.

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In the spirit of connection and belonging,

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