RESILIENCE: Building a burnout-resistant lifestyle


Please join me in welcoming Georgia Thompson Perkins to the TalkRx podcast! Georgia is the mastermind behind the wellness and nutrition resources from Goodness with G.

Our live-recorded conversation happened first on Linkedin, where Georgia — a.k.a. “G” — joined me to share her wealth of knowledge on nutrition, fitness, and her holistic approach to healing on the spectrum anywhere from burnout to wellness! 

G wears many different hats… Not only is she a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach — she also practices as a yoga sculpt instructor and leads burnout-recovery classes. G inspires me with her multifaceted wellbeing approach… let’s dive into our conversation:

The goal of recovering from burnout is not to be “burnout proof.” Rather, the goal is to become aware enough to be able to process our body’s signals in real time. Then, when we inevitably enter a difficult time and find ourselves in the alarm phase of burnout — we can quickly recognize it and take action to adjust course. 

Resilience is a lifestyle. You didn’t wake up one day, and all of a sudden, your daily habits weren’t supporting your needs… No, if you’re burned out — your creative coping mechanisms that once served you, no longer do. And as your life changed, if you kept using the same strategies, it may have led you to the current state of exhaustion. What got you here is not what will likely get you to thriving. 

So, what builds resilience? 

From building meaningful relationships, to caring for your body with whole foods and exercise, and setting healthy boundaries around your time and resources — resilience takes time to build into your lifestyle. 

Do healthy habits and boundaries mean that you’ll never experience exhaustion or burnout again? On the contrary — life is going to keep moving, and eventually you will experience pain or discomfort. But when you elevate your consciousness to a higher level, that self-awareness allows you to meet life’s challenges head-on and work through them with ease. Practicing mindful living means facing life’s difficult circumstances with courage.

Integrating our physical world with our emotional and mental worlds provides a more complete picture of our lives. That allows us to not just treat the symptoms, but actually heal the root cause. For example, as my friend Mark Hyman, MD often says, “Your headache isn’t an Advil deficiency” — your headache may be due to dehydration. It may be because you didn’t fully process the argument you had with your significant other. There are many aspects of your life that are interconnected and once you become aware of them, you gain power.

Caring for yourself is the foundation that allows you to make an impact on the world. Ignoring your feelings isn’t a badge of honor. What if you leaned into them and allowed them to guide you towards what you really want and desire. For example, what would freedom and self-care look like and feel like? If serving others with excellence is your goal, wouldn’t serving yourself well be the place to start — so that you had the energy and vitality to serve them? 

As humans, we will fluctuate in our lives to sometimes having great energy and other times feeling depleted. When you feel depleted, the most important decision you can make is how to change course and get back on track. Diet, establishing healthy habits, and building routines from a holistic perspective — all of these practices build resilience into your character, allowing you to confidently navigate stress and whatever else life throws your way. 

Learning your inner queues and listening to your emotions will help prioritize what truly matters to you. Then, you can spend your energy doing activities and tasks that bring you joy and satisfaction. When you weed out the to-do’s that feel like obligations or “have to’s”, your inspiration will return. Getting aligned with what you value most and then living your life in service to those values is how you prevent burnout and live a resilient lifestyle. 



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