How to Make the Right Decision Every Time


Have you ever wondered why some areas of your life work so well and others don’t? Most likely it has to do with the day-to-day choices you’re making. Yet you might not even realize you often react—just to avoid discomfort rather than responding thoughtfully to what’s in your best interest long term.

You might be wondering, why then would you do something that isn’t in your own best interest? Well, biologically, your brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. But once you understand a simple, but profound framework, you’ll be making decisions that will lead you to long-term happiness.

If there’s an area of your life where you’re at a choice point, ask yourself: Do you want the discomfort to last for only a few minutes or hours, or for a lifetime? This is where you don’t have to, but you get to speak from the heart and genuinely communicate with others to create the life you want. This requires your awareness, self-trust and courage to make a different choice.

Your Awareness Prescription

  1. When do you find yourself at a choice point?
  2. How does your body let you know (what physical signals)?
  3. How often do you take the short-term high to avoid discomfort?
  4. How happy are you with those results in the long run?
  5. If you mustered the courage to make a different choice, what else would be possible?

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Now that you have this new framework, I’d love to hear what dilemma you’re going to solve. Share your thoughts here.

To your long-term health and happiness,

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6 Responses

  1. This information came at the perfect time. I am an introvert and quiet by nature and I always find myself staying silent (in order to avoid conflict) when things bother me. This framework has changed the way I see situations and I can’t wait to try it out. The small amount of discomfort is worth the long term benefits. Thank you!

    1. What beautiful awareness! It’s so true, the short term discomfort is so much easier once you learn the tools to lean in…! Looking forward to hear how this unfolds for you. Keep me posted!!

  2. Alisha,
    Thx for writing! Great example. Make sure you let your friend know you enjoy her company & want to be able to be present for her when she comes over. So would it work for her to come over at 9 pm or whatever time seems right for you. That way you get to be present with your kiddies & you get your friend time too!!!

    1. Wow – thank you for the reply. It is spot on and including the affirmation is a great point I will include !! I truly believe that I arrive at exactly the right moment when I am ready to learn a new lesson!! And today when this popped up in my FB feed – I was ready to hear and grow in this area!! I’m excited to read and listen to more of your posts – have a good weekend ❤️

  3. Exactly! I totally agree with you. It might be uncomfortable to say what we truly feel but our body will thank us when we stay true to ourselves! Makes all the difference:)

    In truth our bodies are the best parameters to understand whether we’re living our absolute truth or not!

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