Election Season: A Journey Beyond Divides

Election seasons often feel like a long, tiring journey into the heart of our societal, ideological, and personal beliefs. It’s a time when passions flare, debates heat up, and sometimes, the division seems overwhelming. But have you ever wondered what lies beneath this surface tension? Why do we invest so much energy and emotion into this cyclic event?

Reflecting on my personal experience visiting the Trump International Golf Course with my dad, My dad developed a Republican viewpoint, often attributing his political leanings to the influences of his workplace. This visit, however, unfolded in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Engaging in deep conversations, I asked him many questions, seeking to understand the roots of his support for Trump. Through this conversation and reflecting on my experience, I was surprised to find some common ground, realizing that at the core of our beliefs lay a shared value system emphasizing love, service, beauty, and play. This opportunity significantly broadened my perspective, teaching me the power of open-mindedness and the beauty of finding unity in diversity, something we should all seek to find. 

Diverse Political Preferences

Just as individuals have varied preferences for sleep, people also have diverse political beliefs and affiliations. Some view the entire season as a stressful or even pointless ordeal, questioning the efficacy of their participation.

Understanding and Empathy: Clearing the Mind

The heightened emotions and debates of election season can also facilitate a deeper understanding and empathy among people. Engaging with diverse viewpoints challenges us to expand our perspectives and grow intellectually and emotionally.

Politics as a Path to Connection

For some, engaging in political discussions serves as a powerful strategy to connect with others on a deeper level. My own experience visiting the Trump International Golf Course with my dad revealed unexpected common ground and opened my eyes to the importance of love, service, beauty, and play in our political and personal lives.

Seeking Understanding

If you find yourself entrenched in one political camp, get curious and explore:

What values do you share with those on the other side of the political spectrum?

Can understanding someone’s life experiences lead to greater empathy, regardless of political affiliation?

How can engaging in respectful dialogue lead to unexpected alliances and shared goals?

Election season, much like sleep, is not a waste of time but a vital part of our democratic process and our own personal growth journey. It’s a time when we can reassess our societal values, engage deeply with our community, and strive for a more inclusive and empathetic society. Opening your mind and being open to new things is what helps us elevate. In the realm of politics, as in all areas of life, finding common ground and embracing our shared humanity is the key to moving forward together. 

What insights or connections have you discovered when engaging with individuals from different political backgrounds? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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