3 Tips for Successful Conversations


Have you ever hesitated to have a conversation with someone because you doubted if it was the right time? Or because you weren’t sure if your concern was legitimate enough? I received a question about this everyday dilemma from a woman in Chicago. And I knew it was time to share a few quick and easy tools that ensure confidence when it’s time to say, “Can we talk?” If you’ve ever experienced this awkward moment of self doubt, make sure you set yourself up for success—every time—by watching this video.

3 Tips for Successful Conversations + Your Awareness Prescription

Can you relate to Sherry’s dilemma? Setting up a conversation for success allows you to get clear about what you’d like to express while getting buy-in from the other person. It’s a small investment upfront that will provide the greatest chance of effective communication. This is a great example of how important it is to slow down if you want to speed up!

It’s your turn. Can you think of a time when prepping for success could have prevented a communication breakdown? In addition to the Three-Time or Sunrise Rule, how do you know when it’s time to have a conversation? Please share your thoughts below.

To more confidence in your next conversation,

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