How Healthy Boundaries Re-Engage People and Re-Humanize Us

DOWNLOAD MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD  Welcome, Dr. Rosie Ward to the TalkRx Podcast! Rosie’s sweet spot is in organizational culture transformation. We do similar work in the world—transforming toxic cultures into healing organizations.  After experiencing a toxic culture that drained her passion, purpose and wellbeing—Rosie was empowered to build workplace cultures that support people […]

Empowerment: What it means to actually support your people

 DOWNLOAD MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD  Please welcome today’s special guest, Niko Drakoulis! He’s been in executive leadership for more than two decades and founded a digital platform for transforming organizational culture called, SurePeople. We’ve partnered together on the Conscious Business Leadership Academy, and have discovered great synergy in our work. This conversation highlights […]

Is Your Workplace a Healing Organization?

Is Your Workplace a Healing Organization?

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Hi and welcome everybody. Today we have a very special guest. I’d like to introduce all of you to Raj Sisodia. Welcome Raj. Raj Sisodia: Hi Neha, and hi everybody. Doctor Neha: So this is a really special week because I got my hands on a […]

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