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Gina Murdock: I’m Gina Murdock the founder of Lead with Love, and I am here with Doctor Neha, and we are so excited to be hosting you, Neha, at our Love in Action campaign on Wednesday August 19th. Welcome!

Doctor Neha: Oh, thank you. I’m excited and honored to be here.

Gina Murdock: It’s such a pleasure and it’s so good to see you in my neighborhood of Aspen, Colorado. Love in Action is a weekly call where we bring together people from all over the nation to create a space of connection where we can take inspired action in the world. It’s a very important time for us all to be engaged.

Doctor Neha: I think that so many people are feeling stuck. They’re feeling overwhelmed, and this idea—that you can help people connect to themselves, connect to each other, and take action in the world is pretty empowering.

Gina Murdock: I appreciate that. I was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, and I thought, “Maybe if I’m feeling that way, other people may be feeling the same too.” I wanted to take action and I love working in the community I am a part of. It’s been so fun to do these calls with people from all over, joining together, learning about a current issue, and taking action steps together during the calls.

So far, we’ve taken action for Brianna Taylor, and Elijah McClain. It’s so heartwarming to see people transform from a state of helplessness and overwhelm to empowerment. You can really feel the energy shift.

I’ve noticed that there’s this general archetype of the angry activist: mouth wide open, screaming, “This is wrong! This is bad,” full of overwhelming energy and anger about the injustices of the world. Do you have any tools to help shift from that angry activist archetype into being a heart centered activist?

Doctor Neha: Yes, you’re right. When we enter this place of anger, it’s usually because there are some injustices occurring. I don’t think anger is bad. Actually, anger can be what motivates and inspires us to take action against something we think is unjust. So anger has a purpose. The problem arises when we stay in that angry place—we start to experience resistance and drain our inner energy.

So, the question becomes: When anger arises, how do you use it as a tool to inspire and engage you? How do you use anger as a warning sign that something needs to be changed or that it indicates a value that needs to be stood up for? How do you transform that anger and heal it within yourself— in order to take “love in action” in the world?

The key is to first heal anger inside yourself—through compassion and forgiveness. A lot of people say, “No, I don’t want to forgive because if I forgive that means I don’t care and I’ll lose my energy and momentum.” The truth is, your energy will transform into a more powerful state purpose and love—and from that inspired place, you will attract other people on your mission. What’s important to know is that there are absolutely ways to constructively transform your anger. A lot of people think that emotions are a big mess and don’t want to work with them, but in fact when you learn the practical ways to transform your anger, you will move from powerlessness to feeling empowered. A lot of the world could use that right now.

Gina Murdock: It’s such an important point that anger and judgment are not bad; they’re fairly normal reactions to what’s currently happening in the world. But there are many techniques to transform that angry energy into the most powerful energy—love—which will not only heal each other but will also transform the planet.

This is exactly what we’ll be talking about on August 19th during our Love in Action Zoom call from 12pm – 1pm MT (2-3pm ET). We’ll be featuring you, Neha, as our guest speaker to share how to become heart centered activists and utilize our collective energy to take action and feel empowered.

Doctor Neha: I can’t wait to see you all on August 19th at 12 o’clock Mountain Time! Let’s do this together—in community! I want to hear your questions and let’s start healing—because only then can we do even more good in the world.

Gina Murdock: That’s right. I’m so glad to be doing this work with you. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Doctor Neha: Thank you. Same goes for you 🙂

Doctor Neha


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