What are conspiracy theories? How to discern the truth

DOWNLOAD MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD  Part 3 of 3—What is spirituality? What are the  ties between spirituality and conspiracy theories? Suzanne Guillette is with me to talk through this final portion of our spirituality series. As an intuitive, empath, and astrologer, Suzie explores the unknown on a regular basis, and yet she maintains a […]

How do you know if something is true or not?

DOWNLOAD MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD  How do you know if something is true or not? In complex situations, how do you decide what to believe? Logical, type-A personalities may not be as open to experiences using internal data and intuition. Critical thinkers may base their decisions on what is tangible and what they can […]

What is spirituality? And why does it matter?

 DOWNLOAD THE MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Let’s talk spirituality: part 1 of 3!  What connects us all? What’s our purpose on earth? Is there something bigger than ourselves? My friend and astrologist, Suzie Guillette, is a guest and expert on the topic of spirituality. Suzie is a published author, an intuitive, and an […]

What Are Boundaries? And How to Define Yours

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Welcome to TalkRx with Doctor Neha. Several people have been asking me in different ways to talk about boundaries. What are they? What are healthy boundaries? Are they different in different situations? The answer is yes. I started to think about boundaries based on the questions I’ve been […]

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