Overcoming Mistrust, Part 2

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Welcome to Talk Rx with Doctor Neha. Today I have Anne with me. She is a bodyworker in San Diego. Thanks for being here. Anne: Thank you, Neha. Doctor Neha: Tell me, what questions do you have on communication? What do you want to know about? […]

Overcoming Mistrust, Part 1

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Hi, welcome to Talk Rx with Doctor Neha. This week I received a letter from Joan in Colorado, and she wants to know how she can help her friend. Her question is, “Doctor Neha, my friend is always going on dates. I think she’s subscribed to every dating […]

How to Manage Friends and Family During Divorce

GET THE MP3 FOR THIS EPISODE  |  LISTEN ON iTUNES Dr. Neha: I have an amazing guest with us here today. Her name’s Lori. Hi, Lori. Tell me what’s on your mind. Lori: Recently, my husband and I filed for divorce. It’s been coming for a while. I have found that telling people one-on-one has […]

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