Deeper Connection. More Love. Less Time.

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Welcome to Talk RX with Doctor Neha. This week, I have a special guest and friend, Lisa Garr. We’re both Hay House authors, and she has so graciously agreed to ask her communication question so that all of you can learn as she does. Welcome, Lisa. […]

Deciphering the Language of Love

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES This week we’re going to talk about relationships, when you really love someone and you’re just not connecting. This is the deal, you can dance alone, but the art of dancing with another takes communication to the next level. Being in partnership requires you to tune into your […]

Is LOVE Taking You For a Ride?

With V-Day upon us, it’s the perfect time to take inventory of the many kinds of love in our lives. Whether you’re a parent or a partner, a sibling or a soul sister—whatever the relationship, there’s always a give and take. While sometimes unspoken, each person brings their own hopes and dreams to the relationship […]

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