Hacking Your Health: How the right food cracks the code to your body’s happiness

 DOWNLOAD MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD  What type of diet is a “balanced” diet?  Why are natural foods better for your biology?  Why are processed foods harmful for your body? How is the modern world taxing your body — and what are simple, easy ways to support and enhance  your physical wellbeing? Welcome back […]

Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Hi everybody and welcome. Today I have a special guest. Hi Gina! Gina Murdock: Hi Neha, good to see you. Doctor Neha: Great to see you too. We’re in Aspen and I met Gina last year, when she invited me to speak at a Lead with […]

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