What is spirituality? And why does it matter?

 DOWNLOAD THE MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Let’s talk spirituality: part 1 of 3!  What connects us all? What’s our purpose on earth? Is there something bigger than ourselves? My friend and astrologist, Suzie Guillette, is a guest and expert on the topic of spirituality. Suzie is a published author, an intuitive, and an […]

Getting to Know Yourself Again after a “Dark Night of the Soul”

DOWNLOAD THE MP3  |  LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Join me and my friend / fellow coach, Jessica “Jess” Condy, as she and I venture into a conversation on how we’ve waded through the darkest moment of our lives. Listen in to hear about how our relationship with our bodies, with our support system, and our childhood […]

The Gift of Forgiving Yourself

The Gift of Forgiving Yourself

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Hi everybody and welcome! I have a wonderful friend who’s joining us—Sally! What’s been on your mind? Sally: Well, I’m the middle of three children in my family. I have a big brother and had a younger brother—who has passed away. As children, my father was […]

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