The i-Five Conversation

Whether you’re dealing with a challenging conversation at work, or having trouble talking to a loved one, the i-Five Conversation helps you identify what’s important. Once you get clear about what you want, it’s easier to communicate with others.


The “i” represents you, an individual learning to take ownership for your part in a situation. The “i” also represents the words “interpret” and “integrate.”

The “Five” stands for the five key components that guide you in becoming a clear, concise and direct communicator.


  1. Interpreting your BODY’s physical signals
  2. Interpreting your THOUGHTS
  3. Interpreting your EMOTIONS
  4. Interpreting your DESIRES
  5. Integrating this awareness into ACTION

How you “interpret” and “integrate” the five key components of the i-Five Conversation will determine your success in relating to yourself and others.


If you find yourself waiting for another person (e.g., a partner, friend, colleague or boss) to change so you can feel more comfortable sharing what is true for you, you’re not alone. Learning to use the i-Five Conversation allows you to quickly get to the heart of the matter and speeds up the communication process. With the help of this powerful communication tool, you no longer have to wait for someone else to create the outcome you want. The i-Five Conversation will not only improve your relationships, it can also lower your stress levels and improve your health.

Partner with Doctor Neha and her team help you put the i-Five Conversation into practice. Click here to learn more.

See how interpreting and integrating the components of the i-Five Conversation can dramatically change the outcome of a situation. Watch the i-Five Video above!

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