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The Surprising Link Between People Pleasing & Your Health: A Medical Doctor’s Recommendation on How to Say “No”

Bridging Health, Happiness & Performance

In order to function in the society that we’re in, we tend to be of the belief that “faster is better” and that you have to do more with less.

We struggle when we disconnect from our mind, body, heart, and soul, resulting in behavior misaligned with our values. Inner work is essential for a more purposeful life and living harmoniously with others and the planet. By understanding our emotions and communicating effectively, we can engage with others synergistically. This creates exciting, collaborative, and purposeful win-win outcomes for all.

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Introduction to TalkRx

Your body is talking. The question is, are you listening? Learn how to decipher your body’s unique language

General Awareness Prescription

Five Q’s to help you gain insights on any dilemma

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i-Five Conversation Guide

An interactive guide with Q’s to prep you for any high-stakes conversation

Burnout Awareness Prescription

Download your interactive Burnout Awareness Prescription + personal video mini-series of Dr. Neha

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Neha Sangwan, MD

Dr. Sangwan is the CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, an engineer, physician, and communication expert empowering entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and organizational teams to excel under pressure.

She has pioneered comprehensive programs that combine the science of medicine with the art of communication to catalyze resilient and healing organizational cultures.

Neha is the co-founder of the Conscious Business Leadership Academy (CBLA), a program for CEOs to learn and implement the principles of Conscious Capitalism in their organizations. She not only works with leaders of today, but she also has a passion for working with the next generation’s leaders of tomorrow.

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